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Mint For Pillow

The one that started it all. The wildly popular Mint For Pillow is a full length CD released by Lord H in 1998. An eclectic mix of electronic music, it features tracks that vary from hook-laden pop songs to pulsating industrial club hits, always with a distinctive 1980's feel. More information is available here.


Truk Plus

A retrospective collection featuring the collaborative works of Lord Humungus and Zeke DeVenus. Originally recorded between 1994 - 1997, this re-issue has been digitally remastered and includes the original Truk EP, the infamous Umlaut Song and loads of previously unreleased material.



Nacelle is a collection of four electronic works by Lord Humungus, released by Humungus Parts and Labor in 2000.


Missing VOLUME1

Missing was the groundbreaking proto-electronica outfit featuring The Beast and members of S.I.g. Most of Missing's material has been out of print for years. This collection brings together all of the best Missing material -- the crazy sounds and infectious rhythms that made them the darlings of the avant-garde circus. Digitally remastered from the original 2-track source tapes, this is a must for the serious Missing fan.


The Grocery Look

The disco ball has landed. The second full-length outing from Lord H is a delicious mix of delicate melodies and shiny cuts that go bump bump bump in the night. Tired of waiting? Click here for more info.


Psychonellie EP

Wanna be a model, or just look like one? Psychonellie, the Barbizon Amazon gets her own single. Don't just stand there -- start dancing!


Liberry EP

A collection of ditties plucked from the Liberry tree. Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, always round. Try some.


A Dark Union

A compilation of favorite tunes given out at the Humungus wedding.


Failed Forever

Break out your chips, dips, chains and whips! Finally, the forever-hinted-at goth-industrial collection from Lord H is here!



Found this in the cloak of one of the Time Monks. It could be a message from the future or a recipe for disaster. Slip the memory cube into the reader and see.



Throwing Shapes In The Church Of Dance

You talk the talk, do you walk the walk?
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