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  • Jan 2006

    Starting off 2006, we have a new mini-album, Liberry, from Lord Humungus. You can listen to the new tunes here. The album artwork is still being completed, so no CD releases just yet. Overheard at the Royal Dansk Cafe was talk about an all-dance music album from Humungus Parts and Labor, supposedly scheduled for release in 2006. We'll keep you posted. Also this month, Browsers in Arms, an online compilation of various audio artists on the web in 2005, is finally released. This collection includes mostly industrial or experimental tunes from bands such as Antiquark, Brot, Costes, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Dolmen Sniper, Hansel, HP Assymetrik Sound Poetry, Industria Masoquista, Kakawaka, Jesse Kudler, Myrtilles, Joachim Montessuis, Neurosex, OMS-NMA, Alan Sondheim, Tapewarm, CDW and of course Lord Humungus. You can download the tracks here.
  • Aug 2005

    Lord Humungus remixes NIN. Trent Reznor asked fans to try their hand at remixing NIN's single "Only". Lord Humungus' version has a distinct flavor, as fans of Cabaret Voltaire will notice. Interested listeners can vote for the remix on the MySpace website. You can skip dealing with MySpace and download the song (from a slower connection) here.
  • Nov 2004

    Humungus Parts and Labor announces the release of a specially commissioned remix for NYC-based Naked Highway. The band has just released their debut album, Novocaine Smile and Lord Humungus remixes the first track, "We Can F*ck". You can check out the remix here.
  • Oct 2004

    Lord Humungus ventures back into the old skool industrial sound with a new track. This piece was originally intended for a compilation (may still show up on one). Lyrics were inspired by Gene Wolfe's Book Of The New Sun quartet. Click here to check it out.
  • Sep 2004

    A new ditty from Lord Humungus. This one features the debut of Lady Humungus on vocals, lots of splats and chirps from the microKorg and of course, lyrics about Dungeons and Dragons. Click here to roll for initiative.
  • Jun 2004

    Lord Humungus recorded a cover of Trisomie 21's "Pleasure". This particular track might make a later appearance on a Trisomie 21 tribute album. You can listen to the track here. For more information on Trisomie 21 and the tribute compilation, check out the Official T21 Website.
  • Apr 2004

    Psychonellie finally gets done right and gets her own single. Tommy Dubwich of London opens with a hot new remix, followed by a little trancey magic from DJ Fresas. Check out the goods here.
  • Feb 2004

    In the works is a single for Psychonellie from Lord Humungus' recent album, The Grocery Look. The single will feature a remix by Tommy Dubwich plus additional tracks recorded during the Grocery Look sessions.
  • Nov 2003

    Lord Humungus releases a cover of The Kinks' classic "Tired Of Waiting For You". You can listen to it here.
  • Oct 2003

    Lord Humungus' album, The Grocery Look, is officially released in the US. The west coast record release party was held on Oct. 19, 2003. A fantastic repast was prepared for the occasion by the finest chefs in the area. The guest list included a long list of the talented and the notorious. Thanks everybody for making it such a great success!
  • Sep 2003

    Rumors are circulating about a new forthcoming album from former S.I.g. members, Lord Humungus and Long Haired Mod. Seems like they've ditched the old band name and are working under the new moniker, California Bastards.
  • Aug 2003

    Humungus Parts and Labor releases Missing Volume 1, a comprehensive selection of tracks by proto-electronica band, Missing. Click here for more info.
  • Nov 2002

    Humungus Parts and Labor moves its Wasteland studios to Richmond, CA.
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