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things Humungus finds interesting, and you might too

Conrad's Curve site is still the definite Curve site, though Cuckoo's Nest is also good.

Dean Garcia has a lot of side projects, from oldies but goodies like Mushi Mushi, to fantastic collaborations with Rose Berlin.

Lard Motel is a mad genius and should have his own line of action figures, complete with tim-tams.

The Young Gods are exactly that. Metal done with samplers, but that is only the beginning...

SoundHack is indispensable software you should have in your music-making arsenal. Humungus Parts and Labor loves its time compression/expansion. Among other things, it was used in Man Fall In Water and Curve -- Unreadable Communication (geis portal mix).

Humungus Parts and Labor has used a lot of MIDIMark's samples before and can honestly say they're way useful. Or as some lumpias say, "...that shit is tight."

Apple's Logic Pro software, or some earlier incarnation of it, was used on nearly all the the projects listed on the projects page.

Any questions about a movie? Go to IMDB's website. Don't even bother with anyone else.

My Dogs, RUN! 'Nuff said.

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