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  • Dec 2010

    Roll back the gantries and clear the platform, it's H-hour and time to launch the new official Lord Humungus release, Honeytoken. A mixture of both kinds of music, this collection features new propulsion systems and some upgraded ordnance. This album and some of the others are available for preview or download at Last FM. Check it.
  • Jun 2009

    Humungus Parts and Labor are proud to be sponsors of The Cake Is A Lie 2009 Let Them Eat Cake Tour. The band stopped by the studios earlier this year and we were able to hang out for a while before they embarked on a massive tour. We hope we'll get them back in here to record some magic. Check out this interview from the July issue of Rock Yag.
  • Nov 2008

    Some new tunes are now available for download on the downloads page: "Groundhog Day", a world-musicy trancey dancey number, and "Obsession", a cover of Animotion's 80's classic. Also complete but as yet unreleased is a remix of rising star SPC ECO's magical tune, "Telling You".
  • May 2008

    Can it be true? Yes, Virginia, it's all true. Except for that bit about Santa. There's a new album by Lord Humungus! Just in time for Cthulhu's much heralded return. Check out Failed Forever if you dare, or skip that part and just buy one from the caretaker.
  • Aug 2007

    All righty. The mini-album, Liberry finally gets an official release. "O Lord," you ask, "how can this be when you've already 'released' the thing in January of '06?" Well it means that the album has been completely remastered, with most songs being remixed or at least partially re-recorded. It's so incredibly, vastly different from the original, we're calling it Liberry Redux. These sweeping changes also mean all new cover artwork AND (gasp!) you can now buy your very own copy in the shop.
  • May 2007

    It's been quiet. Too quiet. So to briefly appease the Dogs of War, Lord Humungus has released a remix of Shiver X by The Secret Meeting, a collaboration between Dean Garcia of Curve and members of the group Collide.
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